Consoles Built to Last

Why waste time and money down the road replacing your command center furniture? Mauell builds consoles to last. Unlike our competitors, we don’t source materials from overseas or use foreign-built, stamped frames.

The competition also uses the same consoles across multiple industries. Our control room console manufacturers adjust your console based on the user environment, rather than selling a one-size-fits-all solution. We build every product by hand to ensure the highest quality and the longest lifetime.

Technology-Friendly Design

There’s a lot to remember when it comes to technology-driven furniture, but we’ve taken all of these factors into consideration. With 360-degree rotating PC trays, an advanced cable management system, cooling vents, and customizable slat-walls, our consoles are designed with technology at their core. We’re also compliant with console industry standards, including ISO 11064.

FOCUS® Console Design

FOCUS® is an advanced console design that has a variety of unique features, including a motorized sit-stand countertop and an adjustable monitor array.

The Mauell Advantage

Our consoles are designed and constructed using feedback gathered directly from users. Our control room console manufacturers are dedicated to keeping operators healthy, which is why we focus on ergonomics, safety, and environmental comfort. We frequently adapt console shapes to meet room constraints or user preferences, which is another differentiator from the competition.


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