Our Role in Your Training Success

At Mauell, our greatest strength is our engineering. With minimal information, our team can reverse engineer and recreate your training simulator with impeccable detail. We can take your design from drawing to fabrication all under one roof.

On-Site Maintenance

We can perform on-site maintenance and updates to new and existing simulators during scheduled outages. We even offer maintenance on equipment that wasn’t supplied by Mauell. This eases the burden on customer resources that are already stretched thin during the short outage cycle. We also manage, update, and provide the drawings and required documentation necessary for tracking system updates.

Soft Panels and Touch Panels

We provide soft and touch simulator panels for our clients that have a wide range of capabilities and functionality. We can build the panels to your unique specifications using our custom-built frames and structuring.

Helping to Prepare Your Personnel for High-Stress, High-Stakes Situations

To efficiently and effectively teach the skills needed to perform critical roles within a military control room or nuclear command center. The training equipment must mimic the look, feel, and location of every button, switch, lever, and indicator. So, when a newly trained candidate steps into a position for the first time, they are comfortable, competent, and immediately productive.


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When you need a proven, dependable source for training solutions that perform to the highest standards, Mauell Corporation is your partner. To learn more about our training simulator capabilities and discuss your specific needs, fill out the form below or contact us at 717-432-8686.

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